Wi-Fi Upgrade, Data Cabling,Audio Visual Installation_Service_Maintenance

We Hetztronics Tech Co providing a service in cabling installation upgrade and wifi solution to reseidential as well as bussiness owners, such as rental properties,HMO or private owners etc

We do commissioning up on call out and generate estimate depends upon user’s requirement we suggest & perform installation of MESH,WiFi6, WiFi6e,MiMO etc, Today’s fast moving time everyone looking for stable and strong wifi signal on there devices, We have found Family of 4 having average 8 to 12 Wifi enabled devices includes smart phone, TV , HomeAudio ,DAB ,smart fridge, PC Laptop , WIFI door Bell i.e; eufy, ring etc Also Climate control system-AC- HeatPump , Wifi Thermostat, Underfloor Heating i.e; Heatmiser, Wunda etc

So we decided to keep every point of our customer’s requirement under one roof.

Please refer case study or contact us

Case 1: Remote WiFi Connection between Two Building Property

we have installed P2P antenna between two property road across and saved our clients bill on second Virgin Media Connection, Our Client based near kenton and virgin media offered them 2 separate internet connection with two separate account, they came to us with issue we decided to install pair of P2P antenna between two premises and installed 60ghz pair without any bandwidth lost they enjoying wifi on all there devices, even later we installed CCTV on same premises those antennas were capable to withstand that load even smoothly.

Case 2: HDMI Transmission line installation

One of our client had requirement of cctv tobe visible on each floor of 3 story building, we have lay-down cat6 cable for hdmi transmission on each floor by use of pair of TX_RX