Camera Repair

We are Expert in repair of any kind of camera, Action Camera, SLR DSLR etc ,We have Dedicated exert electronic engineer who can easily understand issue you having on your camera either mecahnical fault or elctronics fault.

Common Fault or damage happen to your beloved gadgets are—

  • WaterDamage
  • Charging port Loose or damage-Action Camera GO PRO
  • SD card not reading_SD card slot Pins Broken-SONY_NIKON_CANON_PANASONIC
  • Flash Doesn’t Fire
  • Broken Battery Door
  • Digital Camera LENS jammed or broken
  • Digital Camera No Focus-Back from Holiday
CANON DSLR EOS 350D,How to Repair CF Card Slot Broken Pin Fix Card Reader Error 99,@Hetztronics