HardDrive Data Recovery

We are expert in data recovery from a fail mechanical drive Nas drive,pc harddrive,ssd,m2 any drive any make Seagate,Hitachi,Samsung,Toshiba,HEGWestern Digital,fault include No spun,no reading drive,short circuit, we perform diagnose and repair under clean room facilities

Our expanded service sector offers on recover dat from SSD or USB- portable memory storage device etc.

We are also expert in Data Recovery of Laptop (Macbook ,iMac,MacMini etc) (Windows PC Laptop) or phone, Many of our clients uses our service while they have accedently drop or liquid damage, such machines have valuable information on it, Many time we fixed actual board to read data from harddrive or internal SSD

How It works?

We generally follows different stages to read data frrom source Hard Drive – Solid State Drive from Basic level software recovery to Forensic Data Recovery, Morden Days Machines comes with encrypted drive fitted in it; means they are locked hardware which works with its own motherboard or same laptop-PC-mac….

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