Game Console Repair

Hetztronics GameConsole Repair, we are game console repair tech support welcome to all game lovers. We offer console repairs on most popular brands such as Sony [PS5, PS4.Pro,Slim],XBOX [Xbox One,Xbox One S ,Xbox One X,Xbox Series X],Nintendo [switch,3DS,DS],Wii

We are in consoles repair service for over 8 years,during this periodwe have repaired so many game consoles. We are experts in our field which allows us to rapid diagnose and repair ,please ask for an appointment or give us information and let us help you with your Game Console. Common Faults are listed are as follows….

  • Loud Fan/Overheating
  • HDMI Connector Replacement
  • Eject Disc/Cann’t insert
  • Can’t Recognise Disc
  • Console not turn on No Power -Completely dead Console
  • BLOD-Blue Light of Death
  • Stuck in Safemode
  • Cannot Update
  • Error Code – CE-DD33984-7, CE-35239-2, NW-3126-6, CE-34305-5
  • Buttons not responding
  • Drive Upgrade-ssd
  • Controller not communicating with console
  • Analog joystick repair on controller
  • Controller repair RRR

We are expert in customisation of Controller

Custom buttons addition for Gamers onto there own controller 2 button 4 buttons etc




SONY PS5 HDMI Port Repair
Nintendo 3ds XL Crack Hing Housing Chassis LCD Replacement
Sony PlayStation 5 Wireless Controller CFI-ZCT1W Liquid Damage Repair @hetztronics