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Hetztronics is trustable name in field of extensive range of Intruder alarm, CCTV ,Video door entry system,Fire Alarms,Access control systems home automation , gate automation, audio intercom,audio-video intercom,multimedia integration

We welcome any inquiry about maintnance or installation,estiamation of custome designed or top rank brand equipments, We are working with almost every brand or manufacturer avaiable in industry,Please feel free to ask us any advice,you may reach us via any form of contact,

CCTV Installations & Maintenance – London, Middlesex, UK

CCTV as a facility for your business installed and maintained without compromise & protecting your premises and add value with integrated video surveillance and access control installations & maintenance

  • CCTV for remote monitoring 
  • Access data and viewing through your smartphone or laptop
  • CCTV motion-detection with access control to record shots or footage
  • CCTV as a protection against fraudulent insurance claims
  • CCTV as reduce retail theft and vandalism.
  • CCTV as evidence for investigations and law enforcement
  • CCTV systems ultimately protect assets, and therefore save insurance premiums. An appropriate system will show your insurer the extent to which you are prepared to responsibly protect the business premises, and the assets housed there. 

We designs CCTV systems to combat the perceived risk to your premises,the type of system you require depends on the size of your premises, whether a wide-area network connection to other sites is required and the way in which the surveillance system will be used.

To discuss your CCTV integration needs or book a security installation, contact us today.  

In our designed CCTV System we Mainly use IP Camera NVR or Standard TVI -DVR, In following section we covered some techniques ,we use on site to form a cable,terminal extender and so on,Please click following link to get brief idea of IP Camera System or DVR System.

What you will find with us

  • Free Telephone Advice & Consultation , Site Audit (call out or Video Call)
  • Single or Multiple Camera System
  • IP, Hybrid System or Analogue system
  • Colour or Thermal Image Camera Installation ,ANPR camera system (MOT ,Garage or Building)
  • Remote Monitoring (Phone , Computer, Tablet – upto 10 user at time)
  • Integration with Intruder Detection Alarm System ,Home Automation & Access Control System