An SSR is a relay with no moving contacts, and employs semiconductor switching elements like triacs, thyristors, and diodes. Input and output sides are isolated using photocouplers. SSRs v/S electromechanical relays?Both perform the same switching function, but their constructions are different. SSRs do not have any moving parts such as an armature or metal contacts, […]

We Hetztronics Tech Co adding a useful repair method if you have dell 15’’ model inspiron 5570 and having fault on charger wattages not detected or just orange/white indicator blink on laptop but battery won’t charge, This is common fault occurs on school or institute where similar kind of laptops available for their work and

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Apple  iPhones With USB-C Instead of Lightning Last week, Bloomberg reported that Apple is in the process of testing out new iPhones using USB-C in place of traditional Lightning ports. One reason Apple may be considering this change is the raw performance benefits that USB-C offers over Lightning. Lightning was introduced in 2012 and hasn’t seen

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Li ion Batteries– Revolutions in technology quite often happen as a result of one small, yet significant change. Mass produced solid-state batteries will change everything. Apple keeps having a general perception amongst the population of being a company that revolutionises things. In some respects that has been true, but not for the reasons they might

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A microcontroller is a small computer on a single integrated circuit chip. A microcontroller typically contains one or more processor cores, along with additional peripherals (memory, serial interface, timer, programmable I/O peripherals, etc.) on the same chip. A microprocessor is a computer processor that incorporates the functions of a central processing unit (CPU) onto just

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The supercomputer Fugaku, which is being developed jointly by RIKEN and Fujitsu Limited based on Arm® technology, has taken the top spot on the Top500 list, a ranking of the world’s fastest supercomputers. It also swept the other rankings of supercomputer performance, taking first place on the HPCG, a ranking of supercomputers running real-world applications,

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A power adapter for a car car allows you to run everyday devices like handheld computers, televisions, video cameras, and even other power-hungry electrical appliances like refrigerators, hair dryers, toasters, tyre inflators etc.   An auto electrical system is a 12VDC system that runs off the battery and the alternator when the engine is running.

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Security camera cables can be one of the most difficult parts of setting up a surveillance system. The type of security camera cable you need will depend entirely on what system you have. If you have an analog system or an IP system, you’ll use different kinds of cables. Hetztronics use the most common security

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Apple’s iPhones are arguably the best phones available — with responsive performance, regular updates for years, compelling hardware designs, and an ecosystem that appeals to the masses. We have seen improvements in battery life, advanced multi-camera functionality, and continued improvements to Apple’s iOS. The high-end iPhones are pricey, but Apple’s processor architecture has also proven

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