xgimi HALO WK03A Projector Repair



We are Specialist in Projector repair. If (any) Projector showing faults Such as Input’s not working,

Speakers Crackling, Blowing mains fuse,  CCD or LCD Replacement, Servicing, FOCUSING ERROR etc,

then please contact us we can fix it.

NOTE:-This listing is for Repair Service-We are Not Selling PROJECTOR OR PARTS via This listing.

Some Common Faults Reasons,Occure on any projector are…..

  • Formation of Dots or Lines on The Image
  • No Display Even When the Projector Is Turned On
  • No Image Due To Broken or Damaged Lamp
  • Image Projected Is Dull
  • Poor Quality of Image
  • Projector Automatically shuts off after Lamp Replacement 
  • overheating
  • Inputs Not WorkingRemote control not working…..

If you would like to discuss or webchat or would like more info then please contact us via what’s app

or sms or call 07447363658 or email “info@hetztronics.com”


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