Dangbei Mars pro Repairs Smart Projector – LF2_WIFI_LIGHT_V11 @hetztronics


Dangbei mars pro Repairs @hetztronics – LF2_WIFI_LIGHT_V11 – r

Mains Powered Projector Repair & Service.

Your DANGBEI Smart Projector speaker Does not power on ????? check this out

By checking the fuse in plug, find good, with the Multimeter on the power connector if the Power On switch worked, Every visible parts working even impedance all ok

There Must be fault with Unit or Projector DROPPED, may damaged to PCB while Try to open cover etc

Everything is well organized and modular inside unit, You are welcome to bring just power supply with whole unit to us, also you may bring REMOTE if able to…


We are servicing and repair specialist.

We are servicing and repair specialist.


specialist in any Smart Projector Dandbei, Dangbei Mars Pro or any other

Model in series may showing faults Such as Input not working, Speakers Crackling, blowing mains fuse, protect light, Servicing, Broken PCB while servicing, no auto focus then please contact us we can fix it.


NOTE:-This listing is for Repair Service-

  • We are Not Selling DANGBAI Projector or part via this Listing


Mention first in listings are few of the problems, Please remember this is a Repair service so as a buyer or customer you will need to bring the unit to us at our tech-workshop, in person drop off appointment or post, Due to weight and size we always ask customers to drop in and collection form our place – MANY Clients use parcel force to send electronic devices to us and we use same/courier service return to customer.

we wont able to send any information unless until service been agreed or book under diagnostic

If you would like to discuss or webchat or would like more info then please contact us via what’s app or sms or call 07447363658 or write to us: info@hetztronics.com

Dangbai Mars Pro does not have internal battery (but may other models comes with inbuilt battery)



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