Apple’s iPhones are arguably the best phones available — with responsive performance, regular updates for years, compelling hardware designs, and an ecosystem that appeals to the masses. We have seen improvements in battery life, advanced multi-camera functionality, and continued improvements to Apple’s iOS. The high-end iPhones are pricey, but Apple’s processor architecture has also proven […]

FluBot is designed to steal personal information including bank details – and infected users are being exploited to spread the malware to their contacts. A malware campaign with the aim of stealing passwords, bank details and other sensitive information is spreading quickly through Android devices. Known as FluBot, the malware is installed via text messages

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Your phone system is key component of a successfull business.How do you know which type of phone system is right for your business? We like to add few factors to consider when choosing a business phone system. 1. The type of phone system Before choosing a business phone system, it’s important to understand the different phone

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Richtek chip marking. We tried to collect all Richtek IC markings. For a quick search for the code you need, i.e; “CK =”. We are interested in “Product code”, it is for this code that you can find the decryption below. The manufacturer has hidden the real Product id or model number with code & on

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The way we install our operating system has changed with the introduction of macOS Mojave. Most notably, imaging and installing via target disk mode have been dropped. We can still download the installer from the app store but we can also install the latest supported macOS via internet recovery. Two great options but this might

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